Authentic ThinStone. Build Smart, Build Simple

A new twist on an old favorite!!

Once in a while an innovative product comes along that changes the face of an industry. We are pleased to introduce Thin-Stone-TM a 100% natural quarried stone veneer that is 5 times thinner than traditional 4" full size veneer. That means you can get up to five times the coverage on your project. Thinner stone also translates to less weight, resulting in lower shipping costs, easier installation and minimal to no footing requirements.

Thin-Stone is engineered for interior and exterior applications over brick, concrete, plywood or sheetrock. Thin-Stone resists chipping, scratching and fading. In addition to being an easy and economical way to build with stone, it comes in an array of colors, textures and styles. Authentic Thin-Stone ranges from $10.00 to $18.00 / sq. ft. for the product and an additional $18.00 - $25.00 / sq. ft. for labor. This is far more economical than full bed depth stone and achieves the same great look. Please contact a sales professional for further information, or a professional installer for help on your project.

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